Off the beaten path are incredible places that many only dream of visiting. Places more intriguing than your typical resort and city, the “exotics” bring out the wonders of travel.

Exotic Destinations

What’s exotic to us may be different to you but we think we have a pretty good handle on these unbelievably cool places!

Africa. Definitely Exotic.  Safaris, the Masi Mara, tented camps, wild animals and much more. Is Africa an “exotic” destination? Absolutely!

A few others that come to mind: India, Bangkok, Vietnam, Hong Kong, (anywhere in Asia from North America is considered exotic to most of us!). Australia and New Zealand are a world away. The Galapagos, Antarctic, Fiji, Tahiti and Bora Bora – Yes… all exotic! Dubai, the Maldives – the list goes on.

So where would you like to go? If it’s somewhere exotic, we’ll help you plan it…each step of the way.