Costa Rica

Pura Vida! “Pure Life” - this popular Costa Rica greeting says it all about the allure of this amazing country.  Costa Rica is a peaceful land of spectacular beauty.  No other destination offers such an immense variety of landscapes, ecosystems, climates and experiences all within easy traveling distance.  Misty mountain forests give way to rolling savannahs and bucolic countryside.  Dense lowland rain forests shelter brilliantly colored birds, exotic butterflies, and prolific plant life provide a magnificent backdrop to cascading waterfalls, thermal mineral springs and active volcanoes that light the night sky with their spectacular fiery display.

The opportunity for fun and adventure are endless. There is spectacular golf courses, sport fishing, white water rafting, kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, hiking, horse back riding, hot air ballooning  and zip lining.

Throughout the country there are plenty of captivating places to stay, from cozy mountain lodges, jungle hideaways, spacious villas, or luxury resorts, something  to fit every taste and budget.

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